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Ten Ways to Get Your Envelope Opened

10 Ways to Get Your Envelope Opened

Here are some suggestions on how to get people to pay attention to your envelopes and what is inside:

  1. Print Flat and Convert

    Print full colour, use bleeds, stamp or emboss to add texture, choose large solids, full custom tints and coated or uncoated stock.

  2. Size Does Matter

    Small and tasteful? Bigger better? Your best bet is to test size to see if it affects your results.

  3. Use Windows for More Than the Address

    Multiple windows gain attention. Highlight a special offer. Show pictures of your product. Create a custom–shaped window. Try a window on the back.

  4. Go 3D

    Include a sample. Choose a gusset envelope–one which is expandable–for mailing samples. Squares are popular for sending CDs and DVDs. Or use an embossed paper to add tactile appeal.

  5. Be a Tease

    ...but don't tell your whole story. Generate interest with a provocative statement. Pose a question or make an incomplete statement on your outer envelope.

  6. Ask for It

    If you want your reader to do something, you have to ask for it.

  7. Logo Or Not

    Some say "clear corporate identity” is a must. Others suggest leaving the logo off making it more personal. A custom security lining can reinforce corporate identity.

  8. Use Both Sides

    Place teaser copy or images on both sides. Print a testimonial on the back...or a specific product feature...or an important copy point.

  9. Push the Envelope

    Go crazy. Print upside down. Design front to back. Test colour. Test size. Invent a clever action device or a custom die cut. Try a pull tab. Perforate a coupon right on your envelope. Try a varnish. Maximize ink coverage. Test a bangtail. Try a "returnvelope”. Print on the flap. Have a crazy idea? Ask us. We'll help you explore it.

  10. Pay Attention to the Business Reply Envelope

    Reinforce your offer and the urgency of response. Customize your BRE with text or colour (or both) to help increase the overall response rate. Should it be addressed to a particular department? Could it carry a second offer? The back of the BRE is the perfect location for reviewing with your customers exactly what you want them to do.

Want to get the most out of your envelopes? Contact Premier Envelope for more ideas.