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Vancouver: 604.273.9500
Edmonton: 780.465.0006
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Envelope Warehousing & Fullfillment

Always Have A Ready and Waiting Envelope Supply

Make use of our two 30,000 plus square foot warehouse facilities–temperature and humidity controlled to maximize the shelf life of your envelope products. We have complete fulfillment services available. Let us warehouse, process\r\nthe order and ship to your facilities without you having to lift a finger. Your inventory is monitored and you will receive regular reports and be alerted if inventory levels are getting low. We have an on–line ordering system available for clients with orders going to multiple destinations. Password– protected and completely secure, your\r\nstaff can request their orders on–line and an approval request can be sent to verify the order is approved to process and ship. Orders are processed and shipped the same day. Local delivery will happen the same day with delivery on our own trucks. Out–of–town delivery is next day for most points. Our shipping department will track your orders to ensure on time delivery.